Frozen Pond at Landmannalaugar Iceland

Iceland: Day 9

September 19 (Sunny)


Frozen Pond at Landmannalaugar Iceland

The excursion to Landmannalaugar was another highlight of the trip and I am glad we decided to make the trek out there.  It was indeed a very long day-trip as we spent 13 hours driving and hiking through the mountains.

From Vik we turned onto route 208 where the road shortly turned into F208.  In front of us was a big road sign that stated 4x4s were mandatory to travel on F-designated roads (we also saw an Icelandic sheep farmer herding 100s of sheeps on his ATV with his dogs).

The drive to Landmannalaugar was extremely scenic and it was clearly evident that it wasn’t a tourist hotspot because I believe we saw no more than 25 vehicles on our entire Landmannalaugar journey (including parked SUVs).  On the way there we also forded countless streams/rivers with our SUV which was an exciting experience on its own. (I had never operated any vehicles larger than my petite Honda Civic in my life before this trip, now I can drive U-Haul trucks with ease hehe).  The last river fording in order to get to the Landmannalaugar parking lot was surprisingly deep as the water extended half way up the door at one point (luckily the current wasn’t strong).

As for the Landmannalaugar hike (we only hiked for 2.5 hours…) I will let the picture in the gallery do the talking.  Giant Obsidians (glass like volcanic rock) littered throughout the landscape against the multicolored backdrop; while typical moss covered much of the otherwise barren landscape which provided some much needed color to most of these pictures.

Trip Map/Gallery

Iceland Day 9 Road Map

Iceland Day 9 Road Map


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    Thank you so much for your nice reviews. All pictures are very amazing
    and beautiful. I’ll go there next month. Hope I can have the memorable

    experiences like you !!


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