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Perseid Meteor Shower 2016

Although Perseid Meteor shower happens annually it was blasted all over my social media feeds about how 2016 is THE YEAR to watch it.  In 2013 I went to Porteau Cove (one of the best star-gazing spot within a reasonable drive from Vancouver) and it was spectacular… so when my buddy texted me to see […]

Granville Island: The artsy cultural hub of Vancouver

Back in the 1900s Granville Island was home to hundreds of factories.  Over the last century Granville Island had gradually evolved into a leading Vancouver attraction for both locals and visitors.  Obviously the vast majority of factories are no more with the exception of a small concrete plant and a mini boatyard.  Most of the heavy […]

Seattle: Sparkling Northwest Gem

I have always considered Seattle as Vancouver’s twin because these two cities are so close geographically from each other (~2 hours by car excluding the border wait).  In typical northwest fashion Seattleites are polite, laid-back, and generally fit (who can blame them? Northwest’s natural beauty = outdoor activities). I have been to/through Seattle many times […]

Granville Island Sunset

Almost every metropolis has a tourist attraction similar to Granville Island in Vancouver (Pike Place Market in Seattle, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, etc).  Granville Island Market contains many established specialty shops from seafood vendors, to butchers, to cheese shops, to coffee shops.  Granville Island Market is not a unique pseudo-farmer’s market in my opinion and even […]