My name is Kelvin, I’m…

  • in my early 30s.
  • an extremely lucky husband to my high school sweetheart who is willing to help me accomplish my silly bucket list.
  • a father to one (with another one brewing) two cute babies who may or may not be as supportive with my silly bucket list.
  • a health care professional who works with premature neonates.  I love my job but I also make good use of my 4 weeks of vacation per year.  My work schedule also allows for short 3-4 day road trips throughout the year.
  • a part time traveler who loves to experience different parts of the world through my taste buds and camera.
  • a photo enthusiast who would gladly detour to get a better photograph, or wake up at 5AM to photograph the sunrise (I only get up willingly for a better photograph… but am often awake early because I have a toddler).
  • willing to share my experiences honestly (good or bad) because I am not sponsored by anybody.
  • an average citizen lucky enough to call Vancouver my home.

Why this website?

  • Honestly I just want to cross off another item on my bucket list (Winning a photography contest or selling a copy of my photograph to a stranger).  By entering into photography contests AND having this website I’m increasing my chances to achieve my goals.
  • There are gazillions of travel blogs… most of them are selling a lifestyle that is not for the average traveler (ie: live free!  Sell your house and quit your job to travel full time!  Travel on $20/day!).  I like traveling and photography… I’m simply sharing my experiences on here as an ordinary traveler.
  • A venue for me to display/share my photographs with the world.  The chances of me becoming famous and displaying my work in galleries are slim (even then I don’t want to be a professional artist as their works are usually appreciated only after their death… see Van Gogh and others lol).
  • A valid reason to write-off some travel expenses and photography gears come tax time.  I don’t make any money, nor do I expect to profit from this website (I would smile for days if this blog ever becomes self sustainable though 🙂 )

My Bucket List

(Additions to this list will be made from time to time)


  1. Visit all 7 continents
  2. Travel around New York (completed July 2, 2011)
  3. Effiel Tower in Paris (completed August 30, 2013)
  4. Hike the Great Wall of China (wild wall) (completed Feb 8, 2012)
  5. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Explore the Safari and experience various animal encounters
  7. See the pyramids and sphinx
  8. Visit Antarctica
  9. Explore Iceland (fire and ice!) (completed Sept 11, 2012)
  10. Drive across Canada and visit all 10 provinces
  11. Visit all 50 states
  12. Visit Banff National Park (completed Aug 30, 2009)
  13. Visit Yosemite National Park
  14. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  15. See Niagra Falls (and night light show)
  16. Hike the Alps and visit Switzerland
  17. Experience Tibet (via railway)
  18. Visit Grand Canyon (completed Dec 14, 2010)
  19. Visit Las Vegas (completed Feb 18, 2008)
  20. Visit Alaska
  21. Explore Islands of Hawaii
  22. Visit and photograph“Thor’s Well” (completed April 27, 2010)
  23. Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona USA
  24. Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona USA
  25. Salt flats (Utah or South America)


  1. Drive a motorcycle
  2. Watch a romantic sunset with my love one in isolation (completed)
  3. Learn to drive manual transmission
  4. Ride in a Ferrari
  5. Try snowboarding
  6. Perform a stunt in a half-pipe course
  7. Go skydiving (completed Sept 14, 2008)
  8. Experience zip-lining in the treetops (Mount Verde – Costa Rica)
  9. Win a photography contest/Sell my photography to a stranger
  10. Eat a kiwi in New Zealand
  11. Pick a mango fresh off a tree and eat it
  12. Be able to run 10km in one go
  13. Complete Grouse Grind in 45 minutes
  14. Take a hot air balloon ride
  15. Fly business/first class on a flight > 5 hours
  16. Go on a spontaneous trip
  17. Fly a plane
  18. Fly in a helicopter
  19. Fly in a jet plane at Mach speed
  20. Fire a gun (completed Dec 16, 2010)
  21. Go Kite-surfing
  22. Hike Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park


  1. See a wombat in the wild
  2. See a porcupine in the wild
  3. See (and hopefully touch) a penguin in the wild (Antarctica)
  4. Experience the northern lights (completed Sept 17, 2012)
  5. Attend a “Cirque du Soleil” performance (completed Aug 4, 2010 Kooza)
  6. Be surrounded by fireflies in the wild
  7. Tondabayashi firework (Aug – largest fireworks show in the world)


  1. A dad (completed)
  2. A husband (completed)
  3. Financially independent (completed)