Northern Lights during sunset in Reykjavik

Iceland: Day 10

September 20 (Cloudy)


Northern Lights during sunset in Reykjavik

As if Iceland was thank-ing us for visiting, last night we were greeted with another brilliant display of Aurora Borealis.  It was so intense we were able to see the light show clearly even with Reykjavik’s “light pollution”! (I’ve lived in major cities my entire life and I don’t really consider light pollution unless you can’t see stars on a cloudless night haha).  I realized how special the light show was when 1) local Icelanders rushed outside to photograph the spectacle and, 2) the sun hadn’t fully set!

We spent the evening soaking in the northern lights but we had to turn in early because I was exhausted from the massive amount of traveling from the past 3 days.  We were flying into London for 3 nights per my mom’s request to visit the British Museum and I wanted to make sure she got to Heathrow airport safely for the flight back to Asia.  (I will make a separate entry about London).

I actually flew back to Keflavik Airport (on the way back to Vancouver from London) and spent a night there (worst seats ever for sleeping).  I visited the world famous Blue Lagoon the following morning via shuttle bus (only a short distance away from the airport)… I enjoyed Myvatn Natural Bath magnitudes more to be honest.  I also purchased Brennivin (Iceland’s national liquor) to share with my buddies back home: I still have half of a bottle left 2 years later because it was so foul tasting haha.

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  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    Wonderful report and your pictures are beautiful! I’m doing a similar trip coming up this October! Was Google Maps accurate around the country? Unfortunately my phone company is sucking about unlocking my iPhone, but I am considering just buying used, unlocked 3G one and taking that with me as GPS and communication all in one. Would you mind telling me about how much you spent in phone cards while there? Thank you!

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Jennifer, first off thanks for visiting my blog 😛
      Google maps was accurate around this country (with a caveat though…). If you plan to drive on the ring road then Google Maps would be more than fine, however there were some back country roads where Google Maps fell short on (missing on Google Maps). For the Siminn phone card I spent $40 USD (2 phone cards) because I accidentally cut up the first SIM card incorrectly (to fit my IPhone) – but if you use the data lightly then 1 phone card should be fine. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and happy travels!

  2. Guest says:

    Really nice photos. Thanks for posting. I was in Iceland last July though only for two days and didn’t get anywhere near where you went. Looks like you did a great job planning.

  3. 4vrongo says:

    Your blog was great, can’t wait to leave next Sunday for Iceland. A last family trip before our kids leave for jobs on opposite coasts. That grouse grind climb is quite the leg killer, all uphill, looks like iceland is a lot more scenic and easier to walk around. Thanks again

  4. Guest says:

    Your blog and pics made me so happy we leave for Iceland in a week.
    Just a lovely blog on a natural beauty tour. Thanks


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