Granville Island HDR

Granville Island Sunset

Almost every metropolis has a tourist attraction similar to Granville Island in Vancouver (Pike Place Market in Seattle, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, etc).  Granville Island Market contains many established specialty shops from seafood vendors, to butchers, to cheese shops, to coffee shops.  Granville Island Market is not a unique pseudo-farmer’s market in my opinion and even though I would highly recommend visitors to pay a visit to Granville Island, I think Granville Island Market is not THE attraction visitors should prioritize… (I will do a proper post highlighting Granville Island at a later date)

I have always wanted to take photos of the Granville Street Bridge.  I waited for golden hour with some nice clouds in the sky and quickly biked to Granville Island with my camera gear (and I was not disappointed! Look at the golden steel beams instead of its usual industrial grey!)



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