Celebration of Light fireworks

Celebration of Light fireworks at English Bay, Vancouver (turned out awesome but it was a complete fluke)

We finally have our own virtual real estate!!! (it will be a while for me to own an actual piece of real estate in Vancouver: the 2nd most unaffordable city in the world).  For my long time supporters (mostly family and friends) we’ve finally graduated from a free dinky Blogspot website!

For years I’ve kept a low profile website documenting my travels and my bucket list.  That dinky Blogspot website (started 2013) mostly served as my personal travel journal for myself and a few good friends and it did its job adequately.  As my vision for the website evolved it was apparent that I had reached the limitation of the old website and I was faced with two choices: 1) to abandon the website idea all together, or 2) to start fresh.

Indeed there was a period of a year where no new contents published… and I saw my Facebook supporters dwindle from the low 60s to 16 (as of March 26, 2013… 15 of them I know personally).  It may sound like an embarrassingly small number to begin with but it felt good knowing that my photographs/narratives were appreciated by someone out there!

It was a frustrating, enjoyable, and exciting challenge to bring “Go Places Eh” to the world.  From basically knowing nothing about WordPress… to a fully functional website took months of trial and error (thank you Google and Youtube for troubleshoots!)…. I think I spent 2 weeks alone just to come up with a (in my humble opinion) catchy name with an available corresponding web address!

So please… celebrate with me for the official opening of “GO PLACES EH”!!!!!! (also please give me some constructive feedback regarding this website, my photographs, or my writing style!)

Kelvin, posted March 26, 2016